Getting creative

I almost got a piano for my birthday (or at least before Christmas) but I chickened out and said to my husband that we should wait until next year to buy it. It’s a significant expense right after we bought a house. But now I’m missing playing the piano! It’s been such a long time since I had one in the house.

I love playing the piano, especially around Christmastime with all the familiar carols to be sung and played over and over again. I never tire at this time of year of sitting down on the bench, playing away, relaxing myself to my own tunes.

So this week I got an idea. How about I get creative with this situation and figure out if I can use somebody else’s piano? Surely someone is looking for someone to play carols for them this holiday season.

Yesterday I called a coordinator of volunteers that I know at a local care facility. I knew they were looking for “entertainers” and it turns out they still are. We’re going to meet today to check out the premises, but she seems happy enough to have me come on board. No pressure, an easy audience, and I can come and go when I please. Sounds like the perfect situation to me!

Except I’m not used to playing for an audience! That part has me a little worried – I’ve typically been shy to play for people – but I know I can do it. I have a feeling the audience at the care facility won’t expect me to be a concert pianist. And is this one of those things that might be ‘good for me’? And good for others too?

I’m excited.

6 thoughts on “Getting creative

  1. Hi Beth

    Good luck playing to the old people. I’m sure they’ll love it. When I was at school we used have “old folks concerts” and I always got roped into playing the piano. Half of them used to sit and either talk or snore!! The other half sang along quite happily. And make sure you get a piano where all the keys work. The ones I played were all out of tune and half the keys didn’t work – so I sounded as if I was playing all the wrong notes. The old folk still seemed quite happy though and I’m laughing at the memories now.


  2. Hi Beth,

    You responded to the blog I’ve created for my mom. I was just reading that you play the piano and are looking for a place to go. The Victoria General Hospital has a piano on 5 North–Acute Neuro Rehab unit. So far, I’m pretty much the only person who plays & I know they would really enjoy more music. The best time to go is weekdays–6-7pm & weekends in the afternoon to early evening hours. Please drop me an email if you are planning on going. Thanks, Heidi


  3. Hi Heidi – thanks for the additional suggestion. I did find a place that was happy to take me, and now I just have to eke out the time to get over there!


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