This isn’t supposed to happen

It’s late November. It’s Victoria. We’re supposed to have rain. We’re not supposed to have…


But Mother Nature today decided that she wanted us to have a little bit of both.

In our backyard, we had this:
And then we had this:
It was a huge snow! It snowed for hours! Our power went out, so we decided to go shopping.

This kind of snow isn’t supposed to happen at this time of year in Victoria.

But clearly, it did!

3 thoughts on “This isn’t supposed to happen

  1. The experts will probably blame global *warming*! We’ve already had some in the mountains this year in Scotland when we often don’t get any till January. Did it last long?


  2. Wow snow! I will show the pictures to my boys. James will love it. I loved your post about the goals too. I really enjoying reading your blog. I think you should write that book!


  3. It’s still snowing ladies! See today’s post. Wowee – although I grew up in Ontario and was used to this stuff, this is quite unusual for Victoria. Thanks for your posts!


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