Reaching 100

A few years ago I started a Top 100 Lifetime Goals List, after seeing the idea in a magazine somewhere. I spent a lot of time developing my list and thinking of all the things that I wanted to make sure I accomplished during my lifetime. I wrote down many, many goals but I still couldn’t get them to reach 100. I honestly couldn’t think of that many things, but I did take pride in the fact that I had already done some pretty cool stuff in my life so far.

It has been ages since I first developed that list but I still make sure I look at it from time to time. I’ve added a few things and I’ve taken a few things away. However, my goals still tend to number around 65 – I’ve not gotten anywhere near to 100.

Tonight, I looked at the list again and realized it had been a long time since I last opened it up. To my surprise, I had accomplished four things on the list in the last year without even realizing it! I crossed those four things off (hurray!) and added two more things to the list that have recently captured my interest.

It’s fascinating getting older, having a constant relationship with a list of lifetime goals. There are some things on the list that I’m not ready for yet (having kids or opening a retail store), some things I can’t do yet (donating blood or buying a funky car), and some things I’m just plain putting off (running a 5K or learning Italian or Spanish). But in the past year (or so) I learned to knit, felted something, visited the White House, and sat on the board of an organization. Accomplishing goals feels good!

I don’t know when I’ll ever write a book or learn how to make sushi or have a radio show but I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll get around to doing those things one day. Come to think of it, maybe I never reached 100 goals for a reason … there’s a lot more world out there to discover and I’ve left plenty of room on my list for what the future may bring.

2 thoughts on “Reaching 100

  1. Beth,
    That’s a wonderful idea. Writing down your goals and then reviewing them every now and then. Think I might give it a try. Thanks for the idea


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