Appointment satisfaction

I realized yesterday coming home from work that I love this time of year. Not because of the crisp mornings, the first time you see your breath in the air, the use of scarves to bundle up or the coming of Christmas on the horizon (although those are all good too!), I actually love it because I get to start a new daytimer and start neatly adding all my appointments into it for next year.

Am I organized or what?

I don’t know what it is about it, but something about entering new appointments into a pristine date book gives me satisfaction. And with all the stuff I’ve got going on in my life these days, I have a lot of items to add in!

The only problem is that I have now had to graduate from a funky-pictured daytimer to a plain old boring blue one that has the advantage of having enough room in each day to hold all the things I’m doing in my multiple jobs and various volunteer opportunities. Aesthetics have gone right out the window for functionality!

What do you like about this time of year?

2 thoughts on “Appointment satisfaction

  1. I love the way people just seem to be kinder and more generous during the Christmas season. And how people get together just to sing carols or hear mass at church or how people secretly buy gifts for their loved ones and try to find ways to surprise them. Love’s just in the air during Christmas.:)


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