Teaching blogging

After a year of blogging, I thought that I could teach people how to do it themselves so I proposed a course on the subject to a local community centre. They accepted it!

The result was just published in their course guide for Winter 2007:

Now some people just have to sign up for it! I hope they do – it’s going to be a lot of fun.

4 thoughts on “Teaching blogging

  1. Hi Beth, What a great idea. I wish there was a course like that near me. I’ve been experimenting with the html, but it’s all just trial and error. Should get a book on it really, but all the ones I’ve seen look horribly complicated.


  2. Beth,
    Good luck! I wish I was near you I’d sign up right away. I’m with Sara, everything I do is an experiment that I hope works. It takes hours to compelete something. Have fun with your class


  3. Hi Sara and Melanie – I hope some people in the Victoria area think like you guys – then I’ll get some people signing up right away! 🙂

    Hi Beader Girl – I used Snag-It to capture the course ad from the document online and then was able to put the red lines in using Snag-It directly. I love Snag-It!


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