Getting into the spirit

After a weekend of interminable rain, I’m ready for a little drying out spell. Too bad I heard it will keep raining for another week. Egads! Well at least it’s not snowing in this part of BC, because it definitely is in other parts of the province.

I was out shopping around a bit this weekend and guess what is in all the stores? Christmas things! Christmas everything! Christmas all around. I can’t believe how fast the Christmas stuff comes out now, immediately after Hallowe’en is over.

A friend of mine told me that she plans to have her Christmas tree up and all presents bought and decorations completed by November 25. And then my mom mentioned on the phone that she was going to start putting Christmas decorations up yesterday. I should be shocked – it’s SO early – but you know what? I’m kind of getting in the Christmas mood myself! It is hard to resist the holiday time of year … I even had my first Eggnog Latte at Starbucks today to ring in the season!

If you’re American you’re probably not even thinking about Christmas yet, as Thanksgiving is just around the corner for you. But – heck – we Canadians had Thanksgiving weeks ago and now we’re getting into the Christmas spirit – yes, already.

At least in balmy Victoria it won’t be snowing for quite a while yet. We typically only get a few days a year – and that’s just fine with me!

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