The Queen

Do you remember when Diana, Princess of Wales died? I do. I was watching TV with friends at Greg’s house in Vancouver, making dinner and having a good time. The news came on with the terrible news: Diana had been in a car accident in Paris. We watched the news for hours that night it seemed and we soon learned that she had died. It was shocking. It was a night I’ll never forget.

Why was I, along with millions of other people around the world, so affected by Diana’s death at that time? I suppose it was the story of someone cut down in her prime (someone hunted to death by the press) and the sadness of two Royal boys left behind without a mother.

Those memories were behind the reason why I wanted to go see The Queen last night at the movies. The movie was about the story behind the story – what was the Royal Family thinking in the week after Diana’s death, and what was their relationship with the newly-elected Prime Minister Tony Blair?

I thought The Queen was quite well done, and Helen Mirren did an excellent and believable job portraying Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It was interesting seeing the Queen driving a jeep, walking her dogs, watching TV. It showed her humanity behind the stoic exterior that comes to mind when you think of her.

The movie showed that someone steeped in thousands of years of tradition can change, and had a hopeful tone. I would highly recommend it for recent history buffs and those who remember that time – when the “People’s Princess” paid the ultimate price for her popularity and the whole world was affected.

5 thoughts on “The Queen

  1. Hi Beth, Glad your move went well and nice to read your blog again today. I remember very clearly when princess Diana died, I was pregnant with my first son James and it was the first time I ever felt him move. It was such a shocking day, I could hardly believe it was true. I will definitely make a point of watching ‘the queen’ after reading your post.


  2. It’s almost like when JFK died. Everyone can remember what they were doing (if they’re old enough that is!). My mum died just a couple of weeks before Diana so I was dealing with my own grief at the time. So everytime her death is mentioned I think of my mum. Looking forward to seeing lots of lovely photos from your new home.


  3. Hi Sara and Mo – thanks for visiting. I’m one of those people who don’t remember JFK dying, but my mother does, and she said the same thing as you Mo. She remembers exactly where she was then when she heard the news. Sara, what a positive way to remember the day! It must have been so exciting for you.


  4. Beth,

    Like you, I remember when Lady Di passed away. The Horsemen, their significant others and I were spending the weekend camping at Algonquin and we didn’t directly hear about it until Maj bought a paper when we got out of our canoes at the dock – what a shock! As well, my mom and dad both remember where they were and what they were doing when JFK died. Makes you wonder if each generation must go through something like that. Our parents had JFK, we have Lady Di….what will our children have??



  5. Good question, T. I wonder if eventually we’ll be densensitized to that kind of stuff as the media gets even more and more realistic about showing the atrocities going on in the world. Will anything shock us, or our children, anymore in the future?


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