Another day in the bay

I’m down to my last couple of days of living in Cordova Bay so yesterday I decided to check out Doumac Park, which is just down the street from my house. The temperature was about 17ºC – so beautiful!

The park has nice wide hiking trails in it, which soon had me huffing and puffing (yes, I need to get more exercise!) as they went up an incline.

The mossy trees overlooked hundreds of ferns and other plant life at their feet:and sunlight poked through the trees: By this time I didn’t need my coat on anymore as the weather was so warm.

Leaving the park and making my way back home via the streets, I took the footpath down to Polson Terrace and glimpsed this foggy water view:
And then this buck startled me by walking right out onto the road in front of me:

So I followed him for a while down the street until he ducked into a yard and disappeared from view: But later, guess who showed up at my house and looked in my kitchen window?And then ran away, off to greener pastures (or away from that crazy nut with a camera!):

Another day in the life in Cordova Bay.

4 thoughts on “Another day in the bay

  1. Beth,
    I don’t think my first comment went through. You take such beautiful pictures. I long to live in a place with greener pastures also. I live in the desert with drought tolerant plants nothing compares to your pictures. Some day maybe I’ll be able to look out my window and see all those wonderful plants.
    Have a beautiful day.


  2. Thanks for commenting Melanie. We do certainly love living here for the beautiful trees, water, and mountainous views. It’s quite a spot. I’m sure the desert is beautiful in its own way, too?


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