My blog grows up

I just switched to Blogger beta this morning, so the functionality of my blog has changed slightly. Instead of having to use Technorati to manage my post categories, I am now able to do this directly through Blogger beta. What does that mean for you? You will now see “Labels” links at the bottom of each of my posts, which you can click on to see other posts that I’ve written in the same genre.

I’ve also just discovered Snag-It, which will help me insert more interesting “stuff” – like the screen capture with arrow above – into my posts for you, my small and quiet blogging audience*!

*I must admit, I really do nothing to grow my blog readership because for me blogging is all about writing and practicing writing, and giving my friends and family (and any other miscellaneous wonderful people in the world) a glimpse into my life in one of the prettiest cities in Canada.

As I get closer and closer to my one-year blogging anniversary, I look back and realize that blogging has not had the effect of chaining me to my computer as some people might think it would, but it has made me go out in the world and experience it more often than maybe I would have otherwise. Yay blogging!

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