Campaign for real beauty

A friend just sent me a link to a Dove video from the campaign for real beauty. I’ve been hearing good things about Dove and the Dove girls for months, and this video is another good thing. It shows the illusion that happens when real people become models, as all the makeup, the hair, and the computer enhancements take effect.

Here is the video’s model before the transformation:And after. Can you believe it? They even seemed to have changed the shape of her eyes and narrowed the width of her neck! In the video you actually get to see it all happen.

What an eye-opener (no pun intended!). I knew that they airbrushed models’ “imperfections” out before printing in magazines, etc, but I thought that meant glossing over spots and putting in highlighting here and there. I didn’t think it meant actually changing the structure of a person’s face to become more “beautiful”!

It looks like we could all look this way if we had the right team of people around us. But would we want to? Here’s to being a real woman. šŸ™‚

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