Butterfly beauties

I had been meaning to get to the Victoria Butterfly Gardens for a while now, and finally decided that today would be a perfect day to zip over there. Not only am I closer to the Gardens living here in Cordova Bay this month, but my other half was sleeping after working the night shift and it was the perfect time to slip away. (Sometimes you just know that your guy isn’t going to be interested in looking at butterflies!)

One of the first scenes that greeted me after I walked in the door and experienced a rushing wave of tropical heat were these two beauties posing as if just waiting for me to take their picture:This guy coudn’t stop flapping his wings long enough for me to take the picture, so these wings are actually in mid-flap (way to go, camera!):
The markings on this butterfly were actually tinged in blue, which – sadly – my camera didn’t pick up very well. He’s (she’s?) still a beauty though:
Many of the butterflies – like this one – were just hanging around, posing in photogenic shots for those of us that were running around camera happy:
The Gardens itself – even without the butterflies – is quite beautiful. It was a nice place to visit on a cold, damp and rainy day like today: I loved the shape of this bird’s head, not to mention his colouring. He was one of several birds of different kinds gracing the gardens: Two flamingos also were there, sleeping with their heads tucked into their backs and standing on one leg!

Did you know that plants can be carnivorous? Did you know that butterflies don’t just have one eye but many tiny eyes that all see a complete picture? These were just two of the things that I learned today.

Although I’m not sure I liked the Victoria Butterfly Gardens as much as the Wings of Paradise Butterfly Conservatory, located outside of Cambridge, Ontario (they had a lot more butterflies), it still was a nice place to visit and just contemplate nature for a while. At at least there were no butterfly maiming incidents like I had happen at Wings of Paradise! (It wasn’t my fault, one flew under my shoe just as I was stepping down on the concrete … I’m sure the butterfly doctor fixed him back up. Hopefully…)

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