Plenty grand, Plenty good

I felt very Sex and the City Carrie tonight when I went to a grand opening party in Victoria for the store called Plenty owned by a friend. This is the store that I wrote my first column about, and a truly delightful place.

I arrived as the wine was flowing, the cheese was being shaved off and the fashion show was just beginning. Wonderfully, I bumped into several people I knew throughout the night, including the friend that I had actually planned to meet there (luckily!).

The event was catered by Feys+Hobbs, which – silly me – I had never heard of before, being relatively new to Victoria. OK, now I know. They’re wonderful. We sampled most of the appetizers that zoomed past in the arms of the models that had just minutes earlier modelled the organic clothing of Not Just Pretty.

Trevor now has some pictures posted of his store in Plenty’s online journal. Check them out online or – better yet – in person on a trip to our incredible little West Coast city!

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