Wonder Woman does it again

Is it just me or was I in this position at the same time last year? Packing the house by myself, stressing out, wishing it was all over? Man, I hate moving. Take a look at the chaos that surrounds me right now and you’ll know why I’m ready to be done with it all: And this is only the main room! Luckily I still have a bed to sleep in for one more night, and a computer to check email on, but that’s about it. I’ve been surviving on cheese, crackers, peanut butter and tomatoes for days. Oh yes, and lemonade. I’m either going to have lost ten pounds by the time this is all over, or I’ll have a heart attack!

As the stress surrounds me and tries to take over, I try to stay sane with it all. Last weekend I treated myself to a relaxing pedicure and my feet have never looked so good to stay cooped up inside socks and running shoes for moving! I’m considering taking tomorrow afternoon off to ease the pressure of getting ready for the big day – yes, Saturday is moving day. Could it all just be over now, please?

Three things have made me smile over the past few days (and I’m looking for things to smile about!):

  1. Cute picture of a monkey in a Telus ad that I cut out and stuck up on my fridge for a while
  2. New green polka-dotted Post It note pad that I bought
  3. The huge whack of change that I found in my husband’s nightstand drawer (score!) when I went to box the contents up yesterday

You better believe I’m spending that change on a London Fog tea latte for me this morning! And I’m sure I can think of a few more things…

My other half is in Halifax (yep, on the other coast of Canada!) until Friday night at 11pm. Did I mention we move Saturday? Wonder Woman (aka me) has struck again, packing the place and organizing to the max. I’m not bitter (and I’m not even being sarcastic about that) but I do want it all to be over. Soon…

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