Something worthy

Sometimes when you try to make something for someone it just doesn’t turn out how you expected. Other times, you make something and you question whether or not you want to give it away because you think it’s so wonderful!

Take Exhibit A, for example: This is the “second coming” of a scarf for Shelley. The first didn’t really work out so well. (That reminds me, I have to add that other scarf to the give-away pile!) The second, however, which is proudly thrown before you in the pic above, is pretty cool (if I do say so myself).

It’s blues. It’s greens. It’s warm and it’s knubbly, and it has hangy parts on the end otherwise known as fringe. (It’s my first foray into fringe.)

I think it’s pretty magnifique – let’s see if the “giftee” eventually agrees!

It’s winging its way across the country as I write…

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