Weekend feasting

You take an island that boasts many wonderful food producers and restaurants. You take a garden that is full of picturesque viewpoints, flowers and foliage. Then you take three women who love good food and believe in volunteering. What do you get? Three of us hanging out today at the Vancouver Island Feast of Fields, held at the Glendale Gardens & Woodland in Victoria.

Although the day was overcast and drizzly, everyone was in good spirits and laughs were a-plenty. Volunteering with two friends was a blast, and sampling the fine cuisine of area restaurants and artisan food producers – gratis, due to our volunteer status – equalled the companionship. We sampled bread and wine, beer and sausage, tea and salmon and much, much more. I actually had to stop eating before the food options ran out!

This was my first year at Feast of Fields and it definitely won’t be my last. A little-publicized event that appears to be Victoria’s best kept secret, it’s where those who know and love food are always in attendance.

And now I must hit the couch for a while to recuperate from my day – the volunteering wasn’t hard work but the food sampling was!

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