It’s all about the bounty

One of the best things I like about summer is the natural abundance of local and fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only do I love to eat them in the moment, fresh and delivered right to my door through my organic food box, but I experience the fever often to can them to keep their ‘goodness’ going through the winter.

Whenever I spend the time cooking up something delicious to can and end up with all my jars all neatly lined up in a row with contents just waiting to be popped open and savoured I get a little thrill. OK, a big thrill. I cherish that moment so much, laughing as I call to anyone who happens to be nearby to “look at my bounty!”

So far this summer I’ve made:

  • Gingered Pear Jam
  • Bluebarb Jam
  • Blackberry Jam
  • Grape Jelly
  • Garlic Dill Pickles

And I’m about to hit the canning pot again!

I picked up this batch of fresh little beauties today at Haliburton Farm and plan to make a delicious tomato/pepper salsa in a matter of hours!

They’re organic too, and look how they’re not only the ‘traditional’ tomato red, but yellow and orange. I can’t wait to show off my bounty to whoever’s near when they’re done, and enjoy the salsa this winter to remember a little taste of summer.

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