Spider revenge?

Two nights ago while watching a movie that I had rented, I saw something out of the corner of my eye move across the DVD case. My eyes jutted to the right. What was that? Was something there? I didn’t see anything so my eyes went back to the TV screen. A couple of minutes later, I saw something move again. It raced around the side of the padded cubes that we use as a coffee table. I looked.

It was the biggest spider I’d ever seen.

Yikes! Where the heck did that come from? I paused the movie to take care of the matter, and ran for some kleenex. (I regretted that we’re currently out of paper towels.) Oh, yes, and I got a shoe. I just hoped that I would get to the spider before my cat did, as that would spell no end of trouble. It’s not that I doubt his spider-killing-and-eating abilities, it’s just that he usually takes his time doing it, and I wasn’t sure he was up for the challenge of battling something this big. The thing was probably about two inches in diameter once you counted all his legs in. Blech!

The spider didn’t last long, what with my huntress capabilities. I resumed the movie and went on with my life.

Last night, the same thing happened again. Whether it was the first spider’s mate that had come to seek revenge on me or just that my apartment is being overrun by spiders of the same ilk and size, I got up from the couch to do something and – ack! – saw another huge spider sitting on the floor. I repeated the steps of the night before – kleenex, shoe, hoping that Calvin wouldn’t see it first. That spider, too, met its untimely end.

Many of you may have done something different than I in these situations. You might have scooped them up lovingly in a jar or even your hands and shooed them outside, not hit them with a shoe! I can’t claim the same peaceful actions. In my house, the spiders were no more.

I do wonder though, where did they come from and are there more? They were certainly a massive breed. Will their clansmen and women advance on an assault to seek their revenge on me while I’m sleeping? Going to the bathroom? Eating? Shudder at the thoughts. When the living lines get crossed – bugs in my space – nothing good can come of it. Let’s just hope that’s the end of the carnage!

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