No news is good news

I’ve been a bit silent these past few days, but no news has been good news on my side of the country. I’m happy to report that our cat is well, we have found an apartment for the month of October in Cordova Bay, and we have figured out how to get our stuff from our current apartment into storage for a month and then to our new house in Saanich.

Whoo hoo! Here’s a pic of the little guy that caused us so much grief and expenses in the last month or so. Now that we have him on cat Prozac (yes, it had to happen – hopefully not for a long time) he lets us sleep in (to 6:15!) in the morning without having to lock him in a) the other room or b) his kennel. Thank heaven for small joys!

I’m now ready for the stress to subside about house/move/cat/work…

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