Lost and hopefully not found

I was out on a genial walk this morning when I noticed some ‘lost’ posters stapled onto the telephone polls in one particular area. Upon taking a closer look, I realized that someone was looking for their Australian Bearded Dragon – named “Iago” – which was apparently last seen around a certain street address nearby.

Wait just a second!

Have you seen what an Australian Bearded Dragon looks like? Well, the pic below is a little example.
I couldn’t imagine seeing one of these on my walk around town, not to mention letting one live with me as a pet. I’m sure they’re very friendly and lovable creatures despite their reptilian looks but … UGH! No can do!

I’m so glad I didn’t see Iago on my walk. I just don’t think I’ve got enough mojo in me to have picked him up and brought him home to his owner if I had!

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