Oops, I did it again

I really should stop drinking coffee.

It’s not like I’m addicted or anything, but the stuff is just too good to pass up sometimes. I know – you thought I had totally switched to tea, right? Well, not so much. I sneak a cup of the dark lord java now and then. Most of the time I hit the decaf (I can hear most of you saying, “What’s the point of that?”, but hey, it’s still hot and wet), but sometimes I head straight for the real stuff.

Take yesterday morning. I went to work and decided to socialize for un petit moment with the guys and gals around the coffee pot. With just a slight moment’s hesitation, I reached for a mug and poured myself some of the steaming brew. With a bit of milk and a bit of sugar, stirred up just right, it became my morning’s delight. That is, until an hour later when I was trying to type at my computer and realized my hands, head and heart were buzzing and jolting from the dark stuff. Egads! I did it again.

I just can’t seem to let the ebony liquid go. Tea is good and a decent London Fog is still on my current hit list, but there’s just something about coffee that keeps me coming back. If only it wouldn’t keep my nerves also going, and going, and going … the Energizer Bunny has nothing on me when I’ve had a mere one cup of coffee.

Will I ever be able to give it up for good? Maybe I don’t have to. I mean, how pathetic is it to have my only vice be a cup of caffeinated coffee I drink once every three weeks? I am playing in the kiddie pool of coffee drinkers here. Such an innocent I am.

I’ll stop talking now, but drinking … well, I might keep that going a little while longer. As long as my hands and my heart can take it!

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