Riding meditation

One of the nice surprises I’ve found this year after moving back to Victoria is how much I’ve enjoyed riding the bus. Now I know this statement will elicit shocked gasps from many of you around the world, but here in Victoria bus-riding isn’t as bad as it sounds. A lot more “normal” people do it than you would think.

We had planned to become a “one-car family” again after moving from Ontario (we simply had to have two cars there due to the distances we travelled everywhere) and so that meant that when one of us was driving, the other either had to bike or bus. As my place of work is normally an office, and I have to look somewhat respectable upon arrival, biking simply doesn’t work for me a lot of the time. And so I turned to the bus. To both of my current workplaces, the total door-to-door commute is about 20 minutes. It’s quite civilized, you see.

One of the best things about riding the bus is that someone else is driving. I don’t really mind driving when the roads are clear and the days are nice, but when there’s gridlock traffic and bumper-to-bumper pedestrians downtown (that’s when you realize, we have a lot of tourists), being the one in the driver’s seat is less than satisfying. It’s when I begin to understand how road rage starts.

As a bus passenger, I’m free to leave my driving woes and frustrations at the door. I can spend the ride gazing out the window, gazing at the other passengers, or just gazing into space. I’ve come to think of it as a sort of riding meditation. It could even be better than yoga!

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