Dear Shelley,

I offered to knit you a scarf to get you through those cold winters. You thought maybe it could be a bluey greenish colour, or something along those lines. I stopped in at The Loom at Whippletree Junction and found some yarn that I thought was perfect. The colour had some interesting flecks in it, and it seemed soft to the touch.

I got it home and chose a stitch. I knit and knit.

Now, I must admit, that after I’ve knitted it…

I hate it.

I started doubting the scarf early on, but thought I’d just knit a few more rows. I changed balls, I still doubted, I knit a few more rows. On ball three, I had decided one very important thing:

I can’t give you this scarf. It’s not worthy of you! In fact, I tried it on to gauge the length and aside from being fairly boringly ugly, it’s scratchy too.

So, this is the scarf that was for you, but is not for you anymore. It is now for the Canadian Diabetes Association, and their amazingly wonderful Clothesline pickup project that comes to my door every so often.
For you, I will continue to look for some yarn inspiration. Dear Shelley, you deserve more than this yarn and this stitch and this knitter currently could give!

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