A day with a twist

Yesterday was like any other typical day, when I woke up in the morning, got ready for work, and mulled over to myself what I was going to do that day. Hmm … buy fruit for a birthday party for my boss at work at the grocery store, get dropped off at work with said fruit and a homemade jar of garlic dill pickles for the birthday gift basket, come home after work and write my column for the Sept/Oct issue’s deadline…yep, that’s about it.

At no time did this thought ever cross my mind – “Let’s buy a house today!”

But buy we did.

After looking for several months and not coming up with a whole lot of anything nice, DH got sent a listing from last night that looked worthwhile. Our realtor was out of town so he had set up a stand-in to help us in his absence. She hooked DH up with a viewing yesterday morning.

After the viewing, I got a call at work from DH. “Great house!” “Must see!” So we pretty immediately got me in to see it, leaving work in a rush to try to beat the crowds to this interesting little property. (You’ve got to act fast in Victoria – we’ve been burned a number of times by waiting too long.)

I was pleasantly surprised! I’d begun to think that maybe we couldn’t afford anything decent in this town. I’d begun to think that maybe I was being too picky (I mean, could I walk outside to do my laundry for the next 30 years … was I just being silly?) No! We held to our guns and it paid off. Here was a nice little place that had only been on the market for one day. We immediately went to the realtor’s office to write up the offer. (Work, schmerk – who should be at their job when there are house deals to be made?) The plan was to meet last night at 5:45pm at the property to present the offer, and hope like hell there weren’t other buyers there too. (The phrase ‘multiple offers’ becomes one of the scariest ones in your vocabulary when you’re on the buying end of a house deal!)

Luckily, when the hour came, only DH and I were in sight. We offered, they counter-offered, we accepted. Whoo hoo! The conditions still have to be met, but we don’t anticipate any problems with those. It should all be wrapped up by next week.

And so the house-buying antics of this transplanted couple hopefully have come to an end. It feels good. Now, where did we put that lottery ticket that we bought last week…?

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