Pirates abound

Avast, me hearties! This here be the summer that all things pirate-like infiltrate our life. Not only did we go see “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” just like the rest of the world this summer, we just spent this past weekend at HCMS Quadra in Comox. Here’s the “mast” of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship overlooking the picturesque scenery of the area. On Saturday morning, we attended and snapped some pictures of the “Ceremony of the Flags.” I baked like a lobster in the mid-morning sun, and learned a little bit more about what pre-navy life was like in the olden days for my pirate-like husband. We dined last evening in formal dress and I experienced a few navy traditions. I also figured out that a whole room full of former cadets knows how to party!

Continuing the theme, this weekend we have another pirate function to attend. A few weeks ago a skull-and-crossbones-stamped enveloped arrived in the mail with the following missive: Our reply? One wench and one pirate RSVP yes! Costumes are preferred, although we might not be able to work those out by the weekend. At least this wench and her pirate will be able to drink some grog and laugh with our crew. A piratin’ we go…

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