A great big Splash

Last night we bussed downtown to check out the “Symphony Splash” in the Victoria Inner Harbour. It was fantastic! First we caught the tail end of the Naden Band of the Maritime Forces Pacific (the “navy band” for all of you non-navy-familiar people out there). The Inner Harbour was full of people, even then. The stage was set up on a barge floating in the harbour.
The parliament lawn and Inner Harbour walkway were packed with people even during the intermission before the Victoria Symphony came on. We had some time to kill, so we thought about taking a harbour ferry to Spinnaker’s for a drink and an appy, but got frustrated with the silly lady working the dock. We tried to have a drink on the patio at the Empress but it was closed for a private function. Lucky people!We decided to hit the Blackfish Cafe, which is directly next to where the float planes take off for Downtown Vancouver. Someone’s cute dog kept us company while a fake owl looked on. You can rent kayaks from this dock. I kept trying to get a picture of the float planes coming in, to no avail. This one was docked. A Corona goes down really well on a hot summer afternoon, and I hadn’t had shrimp cocktail in ages! When we got back to the Inner Harbour, tons of boats had appeared! Even more arrived as the show began. Tania Miller, the conductor, is the youngest conductor of a major Canadian orchestra and the first Canadian woman to be appointed to such a position in Canada. (She’s thirty-five!) Go Tania! She did a great job. Oh Canada started the music off, and 40,000 people stood and sang around us.
We stood for the entire full-length concert, having not planned our day very well and not having had chairs to bring to sit to begin with! The sun shone on the Empress as it set, while we were cast in shade. Among other songs, they played a medley from the Pirates of the Caribbean, which was fitting.The stage looked wonderful as night fell and the Parliament Buildings lit up behind us. I had to get ornery with a guy who tried to steal our standing room only spaces! They played the March from the Empire Strikes Back as one of the songs during the second half.
The show finished with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and cannon fire reverberated through the Inner Harbour, boom after boom. Fireworks ended the evening. It was perfect! It made me proud to live in Victoria … we put on a great show.

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