On becoming a writer

An announcement if you please.

This Shades of Bliss blogger will soon be a regular contributing writer to a local community newspaper.

Whoo hoo!

After a query on my part, and a peruse of my blog on theirs, I was offered a recurring column in the Moss Rock Review. It will be called “Faces & Places” and will feature first-person perspective stories about interesting people and places around town. It will be published every two months.

Can I now legitimately call myself a writer, now that I’ll be gracing the pages of not just an internet blog but a paper-published compilation of community journalism? Let’s say I can and go with that.

It’s an exciting time, my friends – another step in the plan towards living my best life. See you around the next bend as I’m following my bliss…

2 thoughts on “On becoming a writer

  1. Congrats on your writing job. Having a column is really cool, although I would argue that if you’re keeping a blog you already were a writer to begin with. Have fun!Cheers,P.UBC alumnicareerspaceezine.com (my blog)


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