Dinner in Mexico

Something that we did not have a lot of in the area of Ontario that I was growing up was Mexican food. That fact became abundantly clear a few years ago when we were living there and a friend from BC was visiting. It was her birthday and we said, “Where do you want to go for dinner?” and her answer was, “Let’s have Mexican food.” We sat there for a few minutes with dumb looks on our faces. Huh. We just couldn’t think of somewhere to go.

Eventually we landed upon Einstein’s, a tucked-away little restaurant down a side street you’d never normally go down in Guelph. Sporting a lovely tree-surrounded patio (but a rudimentary inside), we sat outside and had great food. Still, though, it was sort of a Mexican fusion food. Not true Mexican.

The other night we hit Cafe Mexico, in the touristy Market Square in downtown Victoria. Also a bit tucked-away, it was a restaurant we hadn’t been to for a long time. Sitting on yet another patio we ordered a banana margarita for me, a lime one for my companion. A chimichanga for me (a new experience), a Pollo Diablo for him. It was quite good.

It was also nice to get a little discount with our Entertainment card, something to which we are currently addicted. It was not nice to experience gut-rot-induced-by-possibly-chimichanga later on in the evening.

Ah Mexican food – you never know what you’re going to get. Ole!

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