The new ‘cue

Last weekend a couple of new additions landed on our patio area. The first – a new patio table – became a necessity after the neighbour boy who lives upstairs broke our glass patio table top while we were on vacation recently. When we got home from vacation we had wondered, “Where the heck is our table top?” which was completely missing from its metal frame that still stood on the patio. We learned the details of its disappearance the next morning with a phone call from our landlords. The story goes that their son was in our neighbour’s yard throwing stones over the fence into our/his yard at his little brother, and somehow they hit our table which promptly smashed into smithereens. The story also goes that it was hot and they were very small pebbles, but the table was still smashed to smithereens. We learned that the older boy had been sentenced to the day in his room for his transgression. And we got a new table top. Luckily for us, they purchased it!

Our landlords must have been really impressed with the whole table-top incident since it was the second money-costing experience for them because of their boys this year! A few months ago the boys broke our second room’s window with a ball. But hey, we got all new windows for our entire apartment out of it eventually, so that wasn’t too bad. But I still seem to be getting really good at saying, “Don’t worry, that’s OK, it was an accident…”

The second new addition to our patio area was a new barbecue. Calvin approves…Not wanting to lug our cruddy barbecue across the country when we moved, we sold our last one back in Ontario and went without for a few months. (I know! We went without! Who doesn’t have a barbecue? OK, we survived.) Finally we decided it was high time to make a barbecue purchase. I think it was more me than my husband driving this decision because I secretly (well, not so much – I flat out told him this) wanted him to help more with the cooking. Can I help it that I’m such an amazing cook that I put all others to shame when they try? OK, now it’s time to share the title of ‘amazing’ with my other half – the new king of the ‘cue around here. Summer = barbecue, does it not? Well now we can get with the program of what all the rest of you are doing out there.

All in all, we’ve got a pretty nice pad out back. Too bad we don’t own it/can’t afford to own it/might likely move away from it soon. We’ll enjoy that table and barbecue in the space we have while it lasts and then, sigh, we’ll likely pick it all up and move it yet again!

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