Knitting sick

I’m feeling sick.

My beloved Japanese delight – sushi – turned its back on me today. I went out for lunch with some coworkers and we all exclaimed how much we loved Japanese food. I ate. I loved. I now have a dull, painful sushi-ache in my middle regions.

I never get sick. It took some bad sushi apparently to bring me down. But I’m not too sick to knit.

Have I shown you my poncho yet?

Yes, this is the thing I’ve been furiously procrastinating on for several weeks. It lies in the bottom of my knitting bag and silently calls to me. I always leave it last because I still have to read the pattern to knit it as I go along. I find that’s a pain. So I leave it. I like it though – so I vow to not let it get the best of me.

And so I will knit. While sick. Maybe it will whick the dull pain-ache away to some other locale.

I still love sushi though. Boy what I had today was good. And bad…

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