Everyone needs a few sparklies

Everybody needs at least three ‘sparkly’ friends, I think. You know the type of friends I mean, the ones with whom you sit with and just laugh, laugh, laugh. The ones who make you scream, “I know!” or “Yeah!” or “Oh my gosh!” with delight because you’re so in tune with each other, and you’re having so much fun. Your eyes flash with excitement, your mouth turns up in a constant smile and your belly aches a lot of the time because you’ve laughed so hard, so much.

Sparkly friends also get your brain going. With them you can talk about ideas that you normally don’t talk about with most people. They listen to what you have to say and really hear you. They get you thinking and talking about interesting things, and from them you learn something new each time you get together with them. They see the world as a place to learn, to enjoy and to savour. Sparkly friends want the best out of life for themselves, and for you.

I’m so blessed to have a few “sparklies” in my life. It’s sad that some of them live all over Canada and the world so I don’t get to see them all very often, but sparkly friends are those that you can go forever without seeing (if you have to) and you can pick right back up again where you left off. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Sparkly friends tend to be vivacious, movers and shakers – it’s no wonder you can’t pin them down to living in one spot in the world! It’s another thing that makes them so wonderful.

All hail the sparklies! Life is good.

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