A serendipitous find?

In the midst of a long stretch of despair, frustration and angst, a tiny glimmer of hope emerged this weekend.

We may have found a house.

Dare I jinx the whole shebang by blogging about this serendipitous find? Sure, what the heck. Perhaps it will throw some good ‘juju’ out there into the universe for the upcoming week.

We were doing a little drive around on Saturday and decided to head down a road we’d never been down. There it was. A house with a ‘for sale by owner’ sign on the front lawn. Right next to the ‘open house’ sign. It was during the open house hours. It looked too expensive so we decided to get the info sheet from the little box on the sign.

It wasn’t!

We went inside. Oh, it’s a good one!

It’s within walking distance of a marina. It’s within walking distance of a village centre. It has trees in front (across the street) and trees in back. It has a large green yard. It has, it has … it has some pretty great stuff. (I never thought I could get excited about a heat pump, but there you go!)

OK, universe, now’s the time to do some movin’ and shakin’ on our behalf! Think good thoughts…

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