Finding the music

I dreamt last night that I was talking to some of the people that I used to be in my high school band with. I was asking when the band practices were (because in the dream I wasn’t part of the band) and they were telling me the details, saying, “You’ve got to join again, Beth.”

Why is it so easy to stop doing the things we like to do? It’s not being in a band in particular that I think I miss. It’s music in general. I grew up singing and playing piano, and being part of choirs and bands. And now, what do I do? Not a single, regular thing involving music!

To be precise, I mean I haven’t done much where I make the music. Sure, I’ve gone to performances of the Victoria Symphony, Capriccio Vocal Ensemble, and other musical productions here and there when I can. I still get part of my music fix that way. But the loss and the hole in my musical life that I’m feeling is really that I’m not making music on my own. The only thing I’ve done very sporadically over the years is to drop in and sing with my parents’ choir at their church, or sing my part of our family quartet. Mom, Dad, my brother and me. We’ve been doing it on and off for years and it’s pretty fun. But all that has changed – I now live in a different province from all of them again.

So the search is on. My dream told me to wake up and hear the music. Play the music. Feel the music. Find the music. With September around the corner, it’s a good time. My old bandmates would be proud of me, I think.

What have you been meaning to do that you haven’t done? Where is the equivalent ‘musical hole’ in your life?

Now is the perfect time to do something about it, don’t you think?

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