Avatar Beth

I’ve discovered avatars, and now present to you … “Avatar Beth.”

She’s a kicky sort of gal, tall in stature and always smiling. She’s casual, she’s fun and she’s not afraid to cut her hair shorter than most other people are willing to go. She likes a good shop but also a good read. She’s happy hanging out with her husband, family and friends and also with her cat. She loves to travel, especially to Europe. She adores all things French. She sings and plays piano, and wants to do those things more. She likes to write, and she loves to blog. She can cook. She’s a curious sort, and always wants to be learning something new. She should play sports more than she does. She likes fashion and home design but is limited by her pocketbook. She can type pretty darn fast. Her inner thoughts are always hopping. She has friends that live all over the world, and she wants to visit them all. It’s very important to her that she likes her work. She loves her digital camera and living in Victoria.

This is Avatar Beth. I think she’s kinda neat.

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