Project show off

Today seems like a good day to show off my recent projects. I haven’t only been talking to the Heart Bandit and Abe Lincoln this past week – I’ve been a knittin’ and a beadin’ too! I have two things to show for it.

See below the first result of my foray into beading with Beader Girl. Using tiny Delica beads and a peyote stitch, I fashioned this darling bracelet, which sparkles with colour and the possibility of more bracelets to come.

I just discovered two bead stores in Victoria. They’re large. And a bit overwhelming. I think I’ll bead again, but just need to get a good project in mind. I’m one of those weird people who don’t like to develop a ‘stash’ of much of anything in case the day comes that I might need it. So I’ll wait for some inspiration.

Behold the nubbly scarf for me in its finished state below as well. If only I didn’t have to wait a few more months to wear it! (OK, I won’t wish the summer away just for the purposes of wearing my knitting … that’s a little crazy!)

There are also two yarn stores in Victoria. I’ve been to them both. They are not overwhelming but are alive with possibility. As I also don’t stash yarn (gasp!), it’s only a matter of time before I pop in to one of them for a visit to stock up with supplies for my next project. Stay tuned!

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