Who is Abraham Lincoln?

For many weeks now on an electrical box in my neighbourhood I’ve noticed the following sign:

I’ve been intrigued by it, to say the least. Why has Abe popped up in my neighbourhood? What is he trying to say? Why is he not wearing a stovepipe hat in the picture if they’re so underrated? And by the way, isn’t Abraham Lincoln supposed to be dead?

Yesterday I got up the gumption to do something about this out of the ordinary picture. I emailed Abe himself:

OK, you got me. I’m curious. What’s the reason for the Abraham Lincoln picture posted with the message “stovepipe hats are underrated” on it? Just wondering.

Today I got his reply:

Well let me tell you a bit about myself. After abolishing slavery and squashing the Confederacy I’ve moved to [insert the name of my neighbourhood here] to abolish boredom and end the stranglehold of stuffiness. I enjoy cheese, fruit salad and the occasional beard and stovepipe hat. I hope my presence has added a bit of sparkle to your day. Thanks for noticing.
Yours, Abe

Veee-ry interesting. Abe lives. He lives in my neighbourhood. (If it were in a log cabin, you’d think I would have noticed.) What does this all mean? Are there other Abe-esque pictures posted nearby in unlikely places? Who is this living, breathing, fruit and cheese-eating, beard and hat-wearing Honest Abe who sparkles other people’s days? What is he trying to say?

Abe seems to have unearthed more questions than he answered.

The hunt for Abe has indeed begun.

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