Our Aby cat

I don’t have kids, see, so I have to blog about my cat. He sure does keep us entertained. Apparently we’re not the only ones…

We kennelled mischievious Calvin with a place that we had never tried before while we went on holidays. When I went to pick him up they told me that he’s probably Abyssinian (who knew?), and they told me they didn’t want to give him back. Not give him back!?

After getting to the bottom of this downright preposterousness (!), I saw the method behind their madness. It seems our Calvin is a bit of a heartbreaker. The kennel folks said they’ve seen a lot of cats in their day, and on a scale of 1 to 10, Calvin is an 11! Oh, they’re the words that describe what a cat owner knows inside her own heart, but it just does so much good to hear. They loved him!

This isn’t the first time he’s spread the love around, folks. Yes sirree, Calvin has broken hearts all over the country. Our old kennel in Ontario still features his handsome-devil mug on the front page of their website. (I guess I should have asked for royalties on that one – they actually posted it without our permission!)

Now that Calvin is back home after our trip (yes, we managed to pry him out of the kennel folks’ grips), he’s back to his usual antics.

Listening for strange sounds:More playing:
And, occasionally, biting:

He’s our Calvin and he’s a pretty cool cat. We’ll keep him around, for sure. Now excuse me while I go to find out what the heck it means to be Abyssinian…

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