Post-vacation knitting

While on vacation I zipped into the craft store Mary Maxim in Paris, Ontario to check out their wares with my mother. Mary Maxim is a Paris staple – and I’m sure it has been a superstore since long before there even were superstores. Although a lot of their craft items give me a tiny little shudder (I’m not about to rug hook a tiger’s face onto a pillow anytime soon), I perused the yarn section for items of interest. I ended up finding some Soffia yarn in a dashing light/dark blue/green multicolour that told me it just had to be made into a nubbly scarf. This time, I’m knitting it up for me. Here’s a sneak peek. As you can see, it’s knitting up quite fast.

Although shockingly the yarn turned out to be acrylic – I guess I’ve been spoiled by our ‘high end’ yarn stores in Victoria that spurn acrylics – it feels very nice when knitting up. I just love that its texture changes from thick to thin as I knit along, making uneven nubbled rows that are sure to lay softly next to my skin. I’m envisioning wearing this with a jean jacket in the fall.

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