Connecting by net

A friend of mine who I know from Vancouver and now lives in Barcelona is moving to Dubai. Someone else who I know from Victoria is living in Nanaimo and soon moving to Texas. One friend has moved around to so many countries that I currently forget in which country in the Middle East he’s living! And then there are my friends who currently reside in Barbados, Munich, New Orleans, Kitchener/Waterloo, Montreal, New York, Seattle and Calgary. (I’m sure I’ve forgotten some people too.) Well at least they live in all of those places for now. Who can tell what the future will bring.

As I’ve moved all over the country and world, so have my friends. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with where everyone is on this big planet, so it’s great to have email and the internet to stay connected. As much as we say sometimes that we are a slave to our email inboxes, I think overall they ‘do a body good’.

My mom has just started a blog. My friend just got published on the internet. Suddenly (well, since October) there’s this whole slew of my thoughts online in my blog that show a little snippet of who I am and what I’m all about to all of you out there. While I’m really keeping this blog to practice my writing skills, and make a habit out the practice, it has the side benefit of keeping my friends connected to me in a way that maybe we never would if we just chatted in person. (And me to my friends, too. I’m looking forward to reading more writings from Mom and publishing friend…) What is it about email and the internet that sometimes allow us to write things that we might not say? Maybe that’s a phenomenon of writing in general – perhaps writing comes more from the soul and talking gets too filtered out by the brain.

At any rate, I must admit that email, internet and, yes, blogging can be addictive. But I’d like to think that the upside of all these things is a little tiny bit more connection with the people we know, and the people we don’t – but will soon! (It’s sure easier to keep up a friendship over Messenger than it is to jump on a plane…)

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