If every dad were like mine…

  • we’d all eat peanut butter worms and ginger ale when we’re sick
  • fort-making skills (both the sheets and blankets kind and the ice and snow kind) would have been learned early in our childhoods
  • all little girls would grow up knowing they were going to conquer the world
  • we’d know how to make really fantastic hamburgers
  • only the world’s women would eat Indian food
  • we’d never have to vacuum the house because he’d be ‘on the job’
  • Letterman wouldn’t be the only guy known for his top ten lists
  • everyone would be excited about learning something new
  • our butts would get kicked in Trivial Pursuit entertainment questions (at the very least)
  • there would be a whole lot more creative ideas making the world go ’round
  • our houses would all be full of musical instruments … gathering dust
  • we’d never forget how to keep the kid inside us alive
  • all women would feel special and loved

Not all dads are like mine. That’s why mine stands out as a prince among men.

Happy Father’s Day Daddio.

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