Colonial washrooms

My other half has taken the camera away on a trip for several days (the nerve!) so I’m reduced to delving back into the annals of history to bring you today’s blog.

Back on the Shades of Bliss previous site (which will soon fade into distant memory because this new site rocks that one out of the park!) I had started a ‘cool sightings’ list, which I’ll continue here … but with pictures! Cool sightings for me are things that appear out of the ordinary, that make me go ‘hmm’ or ‘wowee’ or even shake my head a little. I find the more I’m aware and open to the possibility of cool sightings out there in the world, the more they tend to happen. I mean how often do you see someone playing a harp at a bus stop? Wearing butterfly wings around town? Exactly. Not so very darn often. Sightings like these should be appreciated and, of course, shared.

I snapped a pic of this sign last September visiting Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.

If you’ve been to Williamsburg you won’t be surprised by this ‘back in the day’ kind of period costume – it’s everywhere there. As it’s a recreated colonial-era town, there is a whole slew of characters working, walking and talking around this village looking just like the women on this sign. (OK, not many of them are in wheelchairs, but you never know.)

While visiting Colonial Williamsburg I got to hear ghost stories from some folks that “live” in the village and sat in the jury box at a witch trial. I guess that’s when my true colonial spirit started to emerge – I voted that little witch as guilty as could be after hearing how she hexed a number of people in town, but was overruled by the rest of the crowd! (I think she must have hexed them too…)

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