Exercise in patience

This is the lacy poncho from ChicKnits that I’ve been working on for a while. It’s an 8-row pattern that is repeated 25 times per panel, and there are two panels that I’ll eventually seam together to make the poncho. That’s 50 repeats of 8 rows, people. It’s a lot of rows and a lot of stitches!

Knitting is sometimes an exercise in patience, especially when you’re a new knitter and all things are just, well, new. I’m sure non-knitting people (of which I used to be one, don’t forget, only a few short months ago) would just shake their head and wonder, “But couldn’t you just go and buy that same thing in the store?”

Sure I could.

But I won’t.

It would be hand-knit by me. It wouldn’t be in the exact colour I want, and it wouldn’t give me something to do at night while I hang out and de-stress from the work day and watch Voyager. (Yeah, I’m a slight Trekkie – what of it?) As someone who sometimes tends to procrastinate – especially on things I really don’t want to do – knitting is self-affirming. It tells me that I can start something, plod away at it, and finish it (months later if need be), but finish it. (Actually, it reminds of me of doing my degree, but that’s a story for another day!)

Knitting as a cure for procrastination. I think that’s the cheapest kind of therapy a person can really have!

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