Westcoast lifestyle

Although I’ve always shaken my head at this sign – found outside a condo complex in Victoria – I thought about it again today with a new perspective. It’s this stress-free attitude that typifies life on the west coast. I suppose if you look at it literally (I mean, this is Victoria – a large proportion of our senior residents probably actually do sleep during the night and rest during the day) then it really makes sense. But for the rest of us just living normal lives revolving around work, responsibilities, bills and some play, it’s a message to take to heart. A new mantra, if you will.

Sit out on a patio. Slip on the shades. Bask in the sun. Drink a home-grown beer (we’ve recently discovered Phillips Raspberry Wheat – a strong rival to the raspberry beer we grew to love at the Pepperwood Bistro in Burlington) or something icy or frothy. Smile. Laugh. Relax with friends. Heck, relax by yourself if you can’t find any friends. Rest, people, rest. Make like you’re on the west coast.

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