My firstborn

I know this means nothing to you, and it’s really quite pathetic when you think about it, but I thought I’d show you the result of my first spinning after I knit it up into a swatch. This is where you get to see where I grew (quite quickly) as a drop-spindler. It’s where you notice all the huge nubby stuff at the bottom of the swatch when I had just started out where I had no idea what I was doing and really it’s not even yarn at all but still roving. And then you notice how I got better (let’s not say ‘good’ just yet) and made it more the size of real yarn. And you also see that I drafted in some green and blue to liven up that basic white. Here she is – my firstborn spinning.

Don’t you want to send me emails in which you snicker and laugh make one too?

It’s not perfect, obviously. It was pretty tangly even after I soaked it in water and hung it to dry – I must have spun too hard when I was spinning. Every great artist has to start somewhere, folks … don’t you agree? I came. I spun. I did a terrible job. Perhaps my secondborn will be an improvement on the first.

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