And she spun…

These last two weeks I took a hand-spindle spinning course at a local rec centre. After my forays into knitting I thought I’d back things up a bit and figure out where yarn comes from. Although I’m not sure I’m hooked on spinning like I’m hooked on knitting, it was a pretty interesting process. My results were pretty pathetic but it was fun in the making! Our tool of the trade was a lowly chopstick/potato combination, but it still worked. You can see I’ve got some beautiful rovings – I think that’s the word – in the bag to spin up later. Yarn-to-be is on my spindle:

Eventually that sucker is going to decompose, but in the meantime…here’s my first spinning:

It was pretty erratic as I tried to figure out how to draft the roving onto the spindle in a uniform way. Mine went from unbelievably thick to thread-thin and back again! Currently this little skein is soaking to take some of the kinkiness out. I’ll hang it to dry later and – voila! – my first skein will be finished. Not sure if I’ll knit anything out of this though – I don’t know if I should punish a knitted object that way! By the way, guess who else was interested in my first spinning? I almost found that one out the hard way as my feline friend Calvin jumped three feet up in the air to try to snatch my prized class result! Here, he’s eyeing it for a second jumping.

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