You’ve got to felt a little

I’ve tried doing a few crafts over the years and have taken classes in watercolour painting, pottery and book binding, as well as an overview of various art mediums like sculpture, wood blocks, oils and acrylics. I guess I’ve always been searching for that hobby that really keeps me interested and gets my creative juices running downhill.

You know by now that I took knitting classes this year and loved it. It was the first time I think I ever took a craft class and was hooked from the very beginning. I’ve been knitting these past few months not exactly at the speed of light, but as fast as my debit card and my fingers could take me! This weekend I took knitting one step further and tried felting something that I had knitted. To quote a friend, “wowee!” The result was amazing! I knit up the Buttonhole Bag pattern on and – with help from my friends at Boutique de Laine yarn store in Estevan Village who pointed me in the right yarn direction – was on my way knitting the bag in 100% wool in three different colours. A luxurious purple for the bottom, a sprightly variegated (multi-coloured) for the middle, and a shady light green for the top.

The bag took very little time to knit up and I immediately threw it into the washing machine to get the felting process going. Well, over and done with really. The felting took place while the bag agitated with a bunch of old towels in the washer, being washed in hot water and rinsed in cold. When I took the bag immediately out of the washer after the spin cycle was done, presto! The bag was felted. A day later on the kitchen table, drying out with some washcloths inside it to keep its shape and it was golden. The bag was done.
I’m that much of a geek that I practically couldn’t take my eyes off of it. To think I made that little beauty with my own two hands. I might be hooked on felting as much as knitting! Who knew?

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