A little fresh air

It’s great having a cat. Most of the time. God knows I love the little critter but for the past several months while living in this apartment we haven’t been able to open the windows because he’s an indoor cat and might jump out to his unintended freedom and possible destruction. You see, a lot of windows in BC don’t have screens on them. We just don’t have a lot of bugs here. No screens means having no windows open with an indoor cat who likes to try to get away, and we were dying for a little fresh air, especially now that the weather has turned quite nice.

Yesterday we got new windows. If I might say it, they’re beautiful! I’ll try not to gush. Not only do they have screens but they open side to side instead of front to back – much preferred in my book. They even have little locking mechanisms so you can’t open them more than an inch if you don’t want to.

While the windows were being changed we locked little Calvin in a room and then in his kennel. He made up for his confinement later by chasing down a big fly that had gotten in and making a mid-afternoon snack of him. I tried to save that fly from the paw smash – I really did. But sometimes an indoor cat has to have his way.

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