Plainly, jane

She was real.
She was inspiring.
She was smaller than life, but in a good way.

She was Jane Goodall, in conversation with me and about 599 other lucky souls tonight in Victoria. When people say, “I’ve had the privilege of hearing [someone] speak,” they’re speaking about people like her.

Why is it that we’re always surprised when famous people that have done wonderful things are short? And quiet? Dr. Goodall is small (at least it looked like it from my mid-way-back seat), older (she’s been in the ‘business’ of studying chimpanzees and conserving our planet for over 45 years) and staid (amazingly, she’s both quietly deadpan and a captivating storyteller at the same time). They told us ahead of time that the bar would be open throughout her whole talk. Do you think anybody moved a muscle for 90 minutes straight? She’s really quite fantastic. Her stories both delighted and shocked us. Emotional gal that I am, I had to fight to keep my tears in my eyes and not racing down my cheeks where they clearly wanted to belong. These were empathetic, passionate tears. She does that to you.

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