Ode to a new way

“Is it too much to ask”, said a friend of mine the other day, “to have the kind of job where you’re sorry when 4:00pm comes?” In that conversation, two others of us said in response – “no!” – although none of the three of us are quite there yet. It’s a tall order but isn’t it oh so worth it to try to find it? We’re trying, we three. What about you?

To all of us who stay in a job because (pick all that apply):
-it’s safe
-it has a pension
-it’s not great, but it’s OK
-we don’t know what else to do
-we’re scared to do something else
-we’re afraid to not make any money


I have to believe that there are thousands of people out there living the life of their dreams. Creating the work we want. Making our work work for the type of life we want to live.

Is it possible? Do we believe?

Sure do. Stay tuned.

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