Food for our minds

To begin with, I should say that I’m a reader. I thrill in the intricate dance of words on pages that herald novels of note. In otherwords, I like it. I read a lot, and always have. Well, yes, sometimes more than others – you know how reading goes in stages? Sometimes there seems to be a dearth of good books out there. When I just can’t seem to find anything to read that I like. I give up on books in those dark times. I’ve started doing that, cutting my losses and searching for something else.

But then sometimes I hit upon a run of good books in quick succession. Books that make me think. Books that make me laugh, weep, wonder, and smile. Sometimes I think about them for a while after the book is done. Other times I dream about them at night, their characters appearing subconsciously in my mind. There are books that have me searching for a sequel to find out more. Then there are those that change my life.

Oh, these are rare. Any reader savours the book that keeps you up late at night, turning pages one after the other, knowing you should go to sleep but not being able to leave the story yet. Not just yet. And sometimes that book is the one that wakes you up in the morning, and it fills your head with its first thoughts. You reach for it again and read, read, read, eager and not so at the same time for the end.

But as I said, it’s rare. These books crop up only once every few years, in my experience. They are the natural caffeine that our mind feeds on into the dark. They are the drink of our soul and they are the food of our minds.

I read such a book last night.

The story of Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu is one that was thousands of years in the making. The intellectual symbologist and the street-smart cryptographer thrown together by unfortunate circumstance are the main characters of one of the most suspenseful books I have ever read. Dan Brown’s words in this monumental masterpiece, The Da Vinci Code, are indelible genius. They craft a story riddled with puzzles that make up so much more than just a mystery. This book is a commentary on our history and our beliefs and shakes everything we think we know to be true to the core. Fact and fiction intertwine into a tantalizing nectar of believable theory. My suggestion? Drink up!

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