The purple pepper eater

I’m not exactly sure when I made the decision. I just decided to do it. I was going to go organic. I suppose it was the move back to BC. Why buck the system? There are so many granola eaters here it just makes sense to join their ranks. Plus, to steal Martha’s words, it’s a good thing. It was about time I crossed over to the no pesticides side.

I was given a book about buying local and fresh Island foods for my birthday. I have been canning and preserving for the last couple of years, and it has become an interest of mine to search farmer’s markets and such for my ingredients. It started the organic ball rolling. In the book, I discovered an online organic food box delivery program – something I had been thinking about doing for a while – and just decided to go for it. I picked the ‘singles’ box, which would feed hubby and me for a week full of delicious fruits and veggies, as much locally-grown as possible and all organic. I typed in some items that I never wanted to be sent (said no thanks to turnips, rutabagas, beets – I mean really, you can only venture out of your comfort zone so far) and it was a done deal. I paid online and anxiously awaited my first box.

On delivery day I called my husband on the way home from work. “The box came,” he said. “All right! You didn’t open it, did you?” “No, I saved it for you.” Words cannot explain why I was so excited about opening this first box. Really, I was unnaturally ecstatic, and I thought about it all the way home. When I got there the box was sitting, unopened as promised, in the kitchen. We dove in together.

Since we had been given the list of items ahead of time and had been able to make substitutions, we knew what was going to be in the box. Or did we? We pulled out bananas, apples, grapes and swiss chard, then sweet potatoes, red peppers and hello, what’s this? “I didn’t order eggplant,” I said, holding up a dark purple thing in my hand. I thought there had been a mistake. But I looked again. “What the heck is this?” We looked and shrugged. And then it dawned on us. A pepper? It was a purple pepper!

The excitement of finding something in that box that I had never seen before washed over me. Here was a surprise, and a promise of things to come. Part of the reason why I had signed up for the box program was to, well, step out of the box. It was a chance to eat something new, to add variety to our diet and to our lives. A purple pepper, indeed. It was immensely, organically pleasing. It was exactly what I had been looking for.

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